Ben Franklin: The First American Project Manager

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Benjamin Franklin was a man of many talents.  Around this time of year, we tend to remember him as one of America’s Founding Fathers. You know, the old curmudgeon that suffered from gout, kidney stones, and a propensity to use the word “whilst.” This of course fails to take into account his other distinctions that included being an:

Author, Diplomat, Economist, Father, Husband, Inventor, Musician, Political Theorist, Printer, Publisher, Scientist, and Statesman.

When he was not working on testing theories of physics, charting the currents of the Atlantic Ocean, or discovering electricity, he was forming the first public library, and the first fire department. This guy truly did it all! And, his daily schedule allowed for 7 hours of sleep and 3 hours for dinner, music, diversion or conversation. Talk about good work-life balance!

But, would Ben Franklin be a good project manager? This is a question I often contemplate…

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