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The 1 “Killer” Mistake That Project Managers Make…and Why They Keep Making It!

Being a project manager is hard work. You have to deal with team members, sponsors, stakeholders, subject matter experts, and other nosey types that all have opinions. Some of these folks love to sit around and dissect every action and … Continue reading

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Hiring Mistakes Happen: Don’t Put Your Head in the Sand!

“I’ve never made a hiring mistake,” proudly proclaimed a senior business executive that I cornered at a recent cocktail party. I guess the look on my face highlighted my skepticism and he asked, “What, don’t you believe me?” It’s not that … Continue reading

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When Bad Things Happen to Good Leaders

Like many of you, early in my career I found that success came easily. I was led by a good group of people that put me in situations where I could learn, explore, grow and thrive. I worked hard, followed … Continue reading

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