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When Bad Things Happen to Good Leaders

Like many of you, early in my career I found that success came easily. I was led by a good group of people that put me in situations where I could learn, explore, grow and thrive. I worked hard, followed … Continue reading

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Mentoring for Change

Most of us can use the input and guidance from someone that has experience, knowledge, and lives “outside our heads” – a mentor. Now I am not talking about the old slap on the back, I’ll take care of you, work … Continue reading

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Why Are Soft Skills So Hard?

It’s common to hear business leaders talk about their skills as a collection of tools that are kept in a toolbox. The idea is that for any job or task, there is a tool or skill that can be used … Continue reading

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Discipline Starts in the Parking Lot

I pulled into the leafy campus of a large San Francisco Bay Area company and reached the parking lot of Building D.  I noticed how well marked and expansive the lot was but found it strange, as I looked for … Continue reading

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