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6 Signs Your Project is Headed for Trouble!

“I have a bad feeling about my project,” stated a young, high-tech Project Manager on a call last week. It seemed that all the project indicators were positive: the project plan was on schedule, expenses were within budget, the issues … Continue reading

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The Secret to Low Maintenance Project Teams: TEAM RULES!

The worst part of being a Project Manager is that sometimes you have to act like a high school principal. You remember your high school principal, the one who walked the hallways scanning for problems, looking stern, official, and a … Continue reading

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Summertime Leadership Mantra: “Keep Them Moving”

“Deep summer is when laziness finds respectability.” ~ Sam Keen It’s hard to be a business or project leader in the summertime. Once the warm weather moves in and the barbeque season heats up, thoughts wander to outside of work … Continue reading

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Help…my project is a disaster!

The call usually comes on Monday morning just past 9 am. Young project managers tend to take the preceding weekend to work through their options. They spend two troubled days at home, snapping at their families, unable to relax, enjoy, … Continue reading

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How to Lead a Global Project Team

Jane is an ambitious, motivated, and talented project manager with a proven track record of success driving regional projects. She has just been put in charge of a global product development project. Her company is looking to leap over the … Continue reading

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7 Things They Don’t Teach You in Project Management School

I have a friend who just passed the PMP exam. Congratulations to her and all the recently certified project management professionals. Right now, you are walking encyclopedias of project management terms, tools, and techniques. You know the PMBOK by heart and … Continue reading

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Nailing Your Global Project Kick-Off Meeting

So you have just been named to lead a strategically important global project. This is a plum assignment and one you have been working towards for over 10 years. There will be visibility for you and the team all the … Continue reading

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