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The 8 Things About Leadership I Learned From My Puppy

I’ve really fallen behind with my writing. You could say it’s gone to the dogs. For the past three weeks finding time to write has been impossible. You see, we decided to get a puppy named Cassie. And, for those … Continue reading

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How to Give “Actionable” Feedback (Part 2)

Last week, we talked about the power and importance of giving “actionable” feedback. I told the story of the Vice President who gave feedback that was not informative or motivational. There was no clear direction or suggestions on what could … Continue reading

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The Power of Giving “Actionable” Feedback (Part 1)

I listened intently to the Vice President as she passed me in the hallway, “Nice job on that business case. It gave me something to work with. I’ll clean it up, shorten it, and then show it to the board. … Continue reading

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6 Signs Your Project is Headed for Trouble!

“I have a bad feeling about my project,” stated a young, high-tech Project Manager on a call last week. It seemed that all the project indicators were positive: the project plan was on schedule, expenses were within budget, the issues … Continue reading

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The 1 “Killer” Mistake That Project Managers Make…and Why They Keep Making It!

Being a project manager is hard work. You have to deal with team members, sponsors, stakeholders, subject matter experts, and other nosey types that all have opinions. Some of these folks love to sit around and dissect every action and … Continue reading

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Use Your Turn Signals to Drive Your Career

Yesterday I was driving my car, following behind a blue Honda, when its driver made an abrupt and unannounced left turn onto a perpendicular street. My response was to step on my brakes and move dangerously to the right. I … Continue reading

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Why Strategy is Overrated

I’m sick of it. All I seem to get are calls from people that want to learn to be more strategic. They say things like, “My boss wants me to think more strategically,” or “to reach the next level in … Continue reading

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