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The 8 Things About Leadership I Learned From My Puppy

I’ve really fallen behind with my writing. You could say it’s gone to the dogs. For the past three weeks finding time to write has been impossible. You see, we decided to get a puppy named Cassie. And, for those … Continue reading

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How to Give “Actionable” Feedback (Part 2)

Last week, we talked about the power and importance of giving “actionable” feedback. I told the story of the Vice President who gave feedback that was not informative or motivational. There was no clear direction or suggestions on what could … Continue reading

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The Power of Giving “Actionable” Feedback (Part 1)

I listened intently to the Vice President as she passed me in the hallway, “Nice job on that business case. It gave me something to work with. I’ll clean it up, shorten it, and then show it to the board. … Continue reading

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Mentoring for Change

Most of us can use the input and guidance from someone that has experience, knowledge, and lives “outside our heads” – a mentor. Now I am not talking about the old slap on the back, I’ll take care of you, work … Continue reading

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The 8 Ways You Earn Trust.

Being a leader is a tough job these days. They have to instill a high-performance mindset while creating a culture founded on teamwork and competitiveness. They’re expected to have a firm handle on industry, regulations, technology, strategy and people. They’re … Continue reading

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Prioritize Your Project Portfolio

As a leader, you’re required to make hard decisions that impact the future of your organization. Invariably, there are multiple projects to evaluate, differing opinions in your management team on how to proceed, and a long set of business priorities … Continue reading

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The Leadership Puzzle – What Great Leaders Know

There’s no shortage of books, articles, blogs and journals focusing on the topic of leadership. Specifically, many write about the key behaviors, actions and experiences that are needed to achieve leadership success. We look for the common threads that can … Continue reading

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