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Playball! – Springtime, Projects, Baseball, and Stakeholders

April in North America is a month of transition. As the winter winds begin to subside and warmer air and spring showers bring colorful flowers, our moods lighten and the gloom of winter is replaced with, well…hope. Spring also coincides … Continue reading

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How to Market Your Project

The best Project Managers I know have backgrounds in marketing. Wow, did I really just type this! Where did it come from? Usually on the projects I lead, the marketing team members are the ones who show up late for meetings, … Continue reading

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6 Things to LOVE about Being a Project Manager

I came to a realization this week that I have been “bad mouthing” my profession. Much of what I’ve been writing lately about project management has focused on the negative stuff, the dark under-belly of the profession known only by … Continue reading

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My Strongest Sponsor – A Love Story

If you’ve ever managed or have been part of a project, then you’ve probably come across a project sponsor. You know, the senior person that you go to for advice and support when there is a problem. Your sponsor (also … Continue reading

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