How to Market Your Project

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The best Project Managers I know have backgrounds in marketing. Wow, did I really just type this! Where did it come from? Usually on the projects I lead, the marketing team members are the ones who show up late for meetings, talk incessantly using jargon from the Harvard Business Review, complain that they don’t have time to complete their tasks, and shoot down ideas because they “won’t delight the customers.” So why do I think marketers make good project managers?

Well, first of all I have a lot of good friends who are in marketing that are smart, creative, organized, and reliable. These traits alone would make them good Project Managers. But, what separates them is they know how to market a project!

You see in my experience, projects need to be marketed. A project needs to be spun into a cohesive and interesting story that is communicated throughout an organization…

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