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6 Signs Your Project is Headed for Trouble!

“I have a bad feeling about my project,” stated a young, high-tech Project Manager on a call last week. It seemed that all the project indicators were positive: the project plan was on schedule, expenses were within budget, the issues … Continue reading

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The Secret to Low Maintenance Project Teams: TEAM RULES!

The worst part of being a Project Manager is that sometimes you have to act like a high school principal. You remember your high school principal, the one who walked the hallways scanning for problems, looking stern, official, and a … Continue reading

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The 1 “Killer” Mistake That Project Managers Make…and Why They Keep Making It!

Being a project manager is hard work. You have to deal with team members, sponsors, stakeholders, subject matter experts, and other nosey types that all have opinions. Some of these folks love to sit around and dissect every action and … Continue reading

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Corporate Politics for Project Managers 101

Project Managers are usually not very good at playing corporate politics. Sure, most are skilled at managing project sponsors and cross functional teams. The best are nimble at navigating complex organizational structures – but, project managers are usually not political … Continue reading

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Ben Franklin: The First American Project Manager

Benjamin Franklin was a man of many talents.  Around this time of year, we tend to remember him as one of America’s Founding Fathers. You know, the old curmudgeon that suffered from gout, kidney stones, and a propensity to use … Continue reading

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Playball! – Springtime, Projects, Baseball, and Stakeholders

April in North America is a month of transition. As the winter winds begin to subside and warmer air and spring showers bring colorful flowers, our moods lighten and the gloom of winter is replaced with, well…hope. Spring also coincides … Continue reading

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How to Market Your Project

The best Project Managers I know have backgrounds in marketing. Wow, did I really just type this! Where did it come from? Usually on the projects I lead, the marketing team members are the ones who show up late for meetings, … Continue reading

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