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How to Give “Actionable” Feedback (Part 2)

Last week, we talked about the power and importance of giving “actionable” feedback. I told the story of the Vice President who gave feedback that was not informative or motivational. There was no clear direction or suggestions on what could … Continue reading

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The Power of Giving “Actionable” Feedback (Part 1)

I listened intently to the Vice President as she passed me in the hallway, “Nice job on that business case. It gave me something to work with. I’ll clean it up, shorten it, and then show it to the board. … Continue reading

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Use Your Turn Signals to Drive Your Career

Yesterday I was driving my car, following behind a blue Honda, when its driver made an abrupt and unannounced left turn onto a perpendicular street. My response was to step on my brakes and move dangerously to the right. I … Continue reading

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Hiring Mistakes Happen: Don’t Put Your Head in the Sand!

“I’ve never made a hiring mistake,” proudly proclaimed a senior business executive that I cornered at a recent cocktail party. I guess the look on my face highlighted my skepticism and he asked, “What, don’t you believe me?” It’s not that … Continue reading

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When Bad Things Happen to Good Leaders

Like many of you, early in my career I found that success came easily. I was led by a good group of people that put me in situations where I could learn, explore, grow and thrive. I worked hard, followed … Continue reading

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The 8 Ways You Earn Trust.

Being a leader is a tough job these days. They have to instill a high-performance mindset while creating a culture founded on teamwork and competitiveness. They’re expected to have a firm handle on industry, regulations, technology, strategy and people. They’re … Continue reading

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Nailing Your Global Project Kick-Off Meeting

So you have just been named to lead a strategically important global project. This is a plum assignment and one you have been working towards for over 10 years. There will be visibility for you and the team all the … Continue reading

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