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The 8 Things About Leadership I Learned From My Puppy

I’ve really fallen behind with my writing. You could say it’s gone to the dogs. For the past three weeks finding time to write has been impossible. You see, we decided to get a puppy named Cassie. And, for those … Continue reading

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When Bad Things Happen to Good Leaders

Like many of you, early in my career I found that success came easily. I was led by a good group of people that put me in situations where I could learn, explore, grow and thrive. I worked hard, followed … Continue reading

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Why Strategy is Overrated

I’m sick of it. All I seem to get are calls from people that want to learn to be more strategic. They say things like, “My boss wants me to think more strategically,” or “to reach the next level in … Continue reading

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The Leadership Puzzle – What Great Leaders Know

There’s no shortage of books, articles, blogs and journals focusing on the topic of leadership. Specifically, many write about the key behaviors, actions and experiences that are needed to achieve leadership success. We look for the common threads that can … Continue reading

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Summertime Leadership Mantra: “Keep Them Moving”

“Deep summer is when laziness finds respectability.” ~ Sam Keen It’s hard to be a business or project leader in the summertime. Once the warm weather moves in and the barbeque season heats up, thoughts wander to outside of work … Continue reading

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Learn to Trust Your Gut – Intuitive Leadership

I recently reconnected with a former colleague that I’d not seen in several years. He was the type of person that just didn’t fit the corporate mold – you know the kind that speaks their mind, is impulsive, a little volatile, … Continue reading

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Nailing Your Global Project Kick-Off Meeting

So you have just been named to lead a strategically important global project. This is a plum assignment and one you have been working towards for over 10 years. There will be visibility for you and the team all the … Continue reading

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